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3 Dead Bodies Discovered by Police in East Cleveland

 3 Dead Bodies Found In East Cleveland


Another gory stories of dead bodies makes the news again.This time ,the dead bodies are 3 in number found in East Cleveland.Many thanks to the police for nabbing a man that was suspected to be involved with the dead bodies.

Three bodies have been discovered in East Cleveland, police say -- and a man is in custody in connection with the case.

The police are having more to contend with with  the rate of violent crime that pervades our society.We are becoming more brute,having no respect for human any more.

All three victims appear to be young black women, their decomposing bodies wrapped in plastic, according to police. So far authorities have been unable to identify any of the victims.

Black women calls to mind the heated case of Trayvon.Why on earth would someone do this. I wonder!

Two bodies were found Saturday, one in the basement of an abandoned house, the other in a field nearby. The first victim was found Friday in a garage on the same block after police received a call about a foul odor.

What would these women had done that would have triggered someone anger and clubbed or killed them? Indeed we are a nation of men with unnatural feelings.Imagine this had happened since Friday and the police could get to know this Sunday.If not for the foul smell,maybe they wouldn't their dead bodies wouldn't have been found.God have mercy.

Police believe all three were killed in the last six to 10 days, CNN affiliate WOIO reported.

The first victim was found completely naked with indications of trauma, police say. The second victim was found wearing a green hoodie, and the third was wearing a leopard print leotard.

A car in the garage where the first victim was found led investigators to a suspect who was arrested after a standoff with police.

The suspect, identified as Michael Madison, was convicted of attempted rape in 2001 and is a registered sex-offender, police say.

Authorities searched the area again Saturday after Madison alluded to more bodies, police said, according to WOIO.

"We're pretty confident through interviewing [Madison] that he has direct involvement, but we're not certain if he had an accomplice or not," Scott Gardner with the major crimes unit told CNN.

No charges have been filed and police are continuing to search the area.

East Cleveland is seven miles northeast of Cleveland, Ohio. The city, incorporated in 1911, occupies three square miles. According to 2010 census data, the city of almost 18,000 is predominately African-American and has the highest poverty rate in Cuyahoga County.

The police have to see that they investigate and found the other suspected culprits who are at large.Thank God they could lay their hands on one suspect,at least this would be their means of getting the other wicked guys who did this.

America is going down a moral abyss and the earlier something si done to arrest this ugly trend the better for all of us.

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Brittney Griner Lesson of Rising to the Top and Stardom

  Brittney Griner Meteoric Rise to Stardom

From having to cope with taunts form her schoolmates about her sexuality to being a basketball star,Griner has indeed rise to the top of her game in such a short time.

Newly minted ESPY winner Brittney Griner is one of the fastest-rising stars of the WNBA, and perhaps all of sports.

Her meteoric rise to stardom is something to ponder.In just few years of playing professionally, she is getting awards many of her mates desires and wish they could get.

The 22-year-old center for the Phoenix Mercury has been showered with accolades since she became a college basketball star, leading Baylor University to an NCAA championship in 2012 and was the only collegiate player named to the U.S. Olympic team.

For Griner,hardwork meets luck and she is on a roller coaster ride to achieving her dreams in the game she loves to play-Basketball.She used her college years to horn her skills and now she is reaping what she has sown over the years.Who says hardworking does not pays?

But it wasn't always easy for the 6-foot, 8-inch athlete. And not only has she towered above her peers, she doesn't look particularly feminine.

By the time she graduated, already a star, Griner said she knew she could help young girls avoid some of the same pain. Before the WNBA draft in April, Griner came clean about her sexuality.

"I didn't have a real role model that I could look up to that was out openly," she said. "I knew there were a lot of younger girls that needed someone."

Griner now stand tall for young girls   who aspires to be in her shoes oen day.Having gone through life with no role model to look up to for inspiration.I'm sure that God had been by her side inspiring her when nobody was.

She went on to be the top overall draft pick, averaging 14.9 points, 6.4 rebounds and 2.8 blocked shots per game for the Mercury. She's become the first openly gay athlete to sign an endorsement deal with Nike.

And while people will still say nasty things, particularly online, about her being a lesbian, Griner said the insults no longer hurt as much.

If you let people's comment determine you goals and aspiration in life, you might never make anywhere near the top.Griner did understand to brush off the criticism and demoralizing remarks about her sexuality.That why she is celebrated today.

"When I was younger, it really bothered me to the point where I was like 'I don't even want to be alive; why am I getting treated like that?'" Griner said. "But as I got older, I started caring less."

Better, she can look up to those who are going through the same things she did.

Success does not come to people who are not prepared for it.The road to success is hard and challenging.Griner has taught all young girls a lesson that only those who remain visionary,focus and hardworking will rise to the top.

Dianna Agron on Cory Monteith's Death

 Dianna Agron on Cory Monteith's Death

It is so painful to lose a friend and that is what Dianna Agron had just experienced.He has lost a friend in Cory.Her word can not be but emotion laden because of the closeness she has with Cory.

Dianna Agron will always remember her "Glee" co-star and friend Cory Monteith. On Wednesday, the 27-year-old actress released a touching statement about the late 31-year-old actor, who died suddenly on July 13. In a statement to Us Weekly, Agron shared her condolences and explained how she's coping with the devastating loss.

"I have never lost a friend. In this difficult time, I am leaning on all of the wonderful memories we shared with Cory, how many ways he was able to make us smile," she said. "'Glee' was a gift to all of us. It gave us a family in this industry."

Agron played cheerleader Quinn Fabray, the first love interest of Monteith's lovable jock, Finn Hudson, on the Fox musical series. (Agron's character graduated in Season 3, but she continued to make guest appearances.) "We really cut our teeth and grew up on this show. In playing underdogs, we learned that we had dug into the hearts of our viewers and that we could stay there," she said. "Cory is so deserving of that place in everyone's hearts. He was one of the most generous and kind people that I have ever met. He had a smart, curious mind, he was an enormous talent. He was loving to not only me, but my family."

That is why you will always be remember for what impact you made on people's lives.That is what Dianna Agron can not forget about her friend Cory.Love is a two way thing.Monteith love Dianna and her famliy.Now he is getting all the attention even while dead.

Unfortunately Cory loved others but he forget to love himself.

The actress extended her condolences to all of Monteith's loved ones -- especially his real-life love, her co-star and friend Lea Michele. "My heart goes out to his family, to Lea, to everyone that is struggling with the loss of our friend," Agron said. "We will miss you Cory. We will always carry a piece of you with us."

How I wish Cory could comeback to life and hear how much he is missed by her close pal,Dianna.Most times a think that talent bring you to thelimeligt but only character will keep you there. That is one lesson many of our stars never seem to learn in life.

Monteith was found dead in his hotel room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver, British Columbia. On July 16, the British Columbia coroner's office said Monteith's tragic death was caused by a lethal combination of heroin and alcohol. TMZ reported that the actor's body was cremated in Vancouver on July 16 after a private viewing with his family and Michele.

What a sad end to such a talent as Cory.Why would end up not loving himself? He got hooked on drugs and he never lived a fulfilled life.I know some may say with all his fame,he lived a fulfilled life. But I think what is the use of a candle light that goes off in the middle of a romantic dinner.

Think about this!

Daunte Culpepper and the Home Foreclosure

 Daunte Culpepper Loses Home to Mismanagement and Foreclosure

Former NFL quarterback Daunte Culpepper has lost a South Florida home he owned to a bank in a foreclosure case.

Culpepper couldn't stop the foreclosure because he couldn't meet up with the required financial obligation on his part.Why live that large when you can't afford it.

Broward County court records show the 9,867-square-foot home was surrendered in April to SunTrust Bank in lieu of foreclosure. The bank dropped its lawsuit against Culpepper earlier this month.

I think the court gave him time to avoid the foreclosure by meeting up with the obligation.For them to drop the lawsuit shows the Bank was at least reasonable and wanted to avoid embarrassing Culpepper.

Culpepper bought the house for about $3.6 million when he was signed by the Miami Dolphins in 2006. The bank cited $3 million in debt in court papers. Records show Culpepper still owns another home in the suburb of Weston.

Money when not managed well do grows wings and they fly away before you know it.Culpepper did not take the book of proverbs seriously and then cut his coat according to his cloth.This is mismanagement of such huge earnings.

Catch the Trend of the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Review


The iPhone 5 is still the mobile users' delight even after more than a year of its release to the market.It rave reviews is so astounding and many young techie savvy phone users are not hiding their liking for the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 4S took the mobile world by storm as it become a household name for techie phone users.Apple caught the desire of the young and upward mobile people when they brought out the iPhone 4.It was as if that was all to the iPhone brands when one ruminates over the features and functionality of the iPhone 4.But Apple was not done yet with their creativity.

Here is the iPhone 5,miles ahead of the iPhone 4.

These are the edge iPhone 5 has over the iPhone 4S:

It adds everything we wanted in the iPhone 4S.The 4G LTE,larger,longer screen,free turn bu turn navigation and a faster A6 processor.It also has a top to bottom redesign which is slim,sharp and feather light.

Unfortunately,there are some bad points to the iPhone 5.Sprint and Verizon models can not use voice and date at the same time.The smaller connector makes its current accessories unusable without an adapter.It has no NFC and the screen size  can not be compared to jumbo Android models.

Anyways, the Iphone 5 completely rebuild iPhone on a framework of new  and attractive features and design.The major previous shortcoming was address with these new features and designs.

My verdict is that the iPhone 5 is still the best phone as I write, and it easily secures its place in the top echelon of the smartphone world.

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Amazing Facts about Cayenne Peppers

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

It is known for its spicy hot taste and it is a widely used spicy ingredients in cooking.Cayenne fruits are long thin pods that belongs to the plant family called the nightshade.

The cayenne variety of chili pepper plant comes from the Central American region where it was used as spicy ingredients in Mexican cuisines for many years.The cayenne spread to other part of the world,especially the Indian subcontinent by Spanish and Portuguese explorers during the 16th and 17th century.They are popularly grown in commercial quantities in countries like India,Pakistan,China, Argentina and USA.

Cayenne pepper is a perennial shrub that grows as tall as 90-100cm in height.It does well on well drained sandy soil and warm climate.Its woody stem has many branches that is covered with thick dark-green foliage.The maturity time is known when the fruit turn deep red in color.

On the inside,cayenne fruits has tiny,flat,disk shaped,off-white or cream colored seeds.These seeds do cling to the centrally situated white placenta.

The spicy strong taste that is known with cayenne comes from the active alkaloids compounds such as capsaicin,capsanthin and capsorubin.

Health Benefits of Cayenne Peppers

It has concentrated minerals,vitamins and certain phyto-nutrients that is traditionally prevent and promote health properties.

Cayenne contains alkaloid compound,capsaicin, which gives it its strong pungent flavour.This capsaicin is discovered to have anti-bacterial,anti-carcinogenic,analgesic and anti-diabetic properties.This is found to reduce trighycerides and LDL cholesterol level in obese people.

Fresh cayenne peppers are rich source of vitamin C.A 100 g of fresh chilies provides 76.4 mg.The vitamin C which is a powerful anti-oxidant is necessary for the collagen synthesis in the body.Collagen is a main structural protein  in the body required for maintaining the integrity of blood vessels,skin,organs and bones.

Vitamin C also helps to protect from scurvy,develop resistant against infectious organism and scavenge harmful,pro-inflammatory free radical from the body.

They are one of the richest source of vitamin A among all spices.A 100 g of cayenne has 41 610 IU or 1387 % of vitamin A.In addition,its has a lot of anti-oxidant flavonoids such as a carotene,lutein,zea xanthin and cryptoxanthin.All of these help to protect the body from injurious effects of free radicals generated during stress and disease conditions.

This spice contains a high levels of essential minerals.Even when you take it in small amount, you will have a provision of sufficient levels of iron, copper,zinc,potassium,manganese,magnesium and selenium.Selenium is an anti-oxidant trace element that the body needs for smooth heart circulation and liver functions.

Cayenne pepper of 100 g provides 2014 mg or 47% of daily required quantity of potassium.Potassium is an essential electrolyte in the cells and body fluids that helps in regulating heart rate and blood pressure.It helps to counters the bad effects of sodium.

They are good in B-complex vitamins such as niacin,pyridoxine (vitamin B-6),riboflavin and thiamin (vitamin B1)these vitamins are essential for the body as it replenish its external sources.The B-complex vitamins facilitates cellular metabolism through various enzymatic functions.

Recommended Daily Allowance
Vitamin C-127%
Vitamin B-6- 39%
Vitamin A-1387%
No cholesterol.